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V bistvu se mi zdijo ti imeniki res lame ampak OK. Man has to do what a man has to do!
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Ski Fitness

Ski Fitness

  • If you love to ski, or want to learn there are many ski fitness tips that you will want to take into consideration.
  • If you want to succeed in this sport, or just make it more fun for entertainment, it can be important to build these areas of your fitness.
  • You will also want to train your upper and lower core areas to become more stable and resistant in your movements.
  • In order to make skiing fun, you will need to be in shape.
  • If you are more serious about skiing and want to train for competitions, there are special muscles you will want to focus on building in the off season.

GSM Alarm System

GSM Alarm System 
  • The GSM platform is the same as that which is used for mobile phone communications, and this means that a GSM alarm system can automatically send SMS messages to a series of GSM cellular phone numbers in the event of intrusion or other emergency.
  • GSM Alarm System for Peace of Mind A GSM alarm system can be used to provide security alarm functions for residential, office and industrial premises due to its easy expandability.
  • Besides the ability to dial or send text messages to multiple phone numbers, standard features and extensions for a GSM alarm system include security cameras that send images via SMS or E-mail, GSM remote control phone interfaces, as well as accurate and efficient motion detectors.
  • In addition, because of its telephone connectivity, it can call land lines as well as cellular phones which operate on CDMA or other platforms with voice messages when programmed to do so.
  • Models for automobiles and other mobile property are also available, as GSM becomes one of the most accepted technologies for security systems.
  • Installing a GSM alarm system guarantees that an alarm will sound even if a phone wire is cut, as the GSM system is completely wireless and has no connection at all to telephone landline wires.
  • GSM has been proven reliable through years of cellular phone communications experience, and it is now the basis for trustworthy, yet simple and cost-effective residential and commercial alarm systems.

RSS Submitter

I have to add this URL to my blog just to test sth. RSS Submitter
Does this work? I tell you latter.

11:09 Update: nothing happened yet :( FTW

I can not tell you guys how happy I am that my little country, Slovenia is a part of this. Keep supporting Wikileaks any way you can.. Let the governments stop manipulating our lives for their sake of their personal interests. I just hope that the world will get more united, we are all human and we should stick together. I think this is the only way humankind will start to live in peace and enjoy this short lives that we're living on our planet.

Wikileaks Slovenia

Time to be personal

Hi there! :) Maybe you've read some of my blogs before... I registered on TypePad and found out that I don't have a "personal" blog on Blogger so here we go, this is my first post :)

Have a nice day!