GSM Alarm System

GSM Alarm System 
  • The GSM platform is the same as that which is used for mobile phone communications, and this means that a GSM alarm system can automatically send SMS messages to a series of GSM cellular phone numbers in the event of intrusion or other emergency.
  • GSM Alarm System for Peace of Mind A GSM alarm system can be used to provide security alarm functions for residential, office and industrial premises due to its easy expandability.
  • Besides the ability to dial or send text messages to multiple phone numbers, standard features and extensions for a GSM alarm system include security cameras that send images via SMS or E-mail, GSM remote control phone interfaces, as well as accurate and efficient motion detectors.
  • In addition, because of its telephone connectivity, it can call land lines as well as cellular phones which operate on CDMA or other platforms with voice messages when programmed to do so.
  • Models for automobiles and other mobile property are also available, as GSM becomes one of the most accepted technologies for security systems.
  • Installing a GSM alarm system guarantees that an alarm will sound even if a phone wire is cut, as the GSM system is completely wireless and has no connection at all to telephone landline wires.
  • GSM has been proven reliable through years of cellular phone communications experience, and it is now the basis for trustworthy, yet simple and cost-effective residential and commercial alarm systems.

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